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Get to know Film Image

First Contact

Film Image's history spans a few generations, starting with my grandfather, Arthur Gibson, a famous aerial photographer who set up Film Image when he started making films. His driving passion was aviation, so he joined the RAF towards the end of WW2. Wanting photos of aircraft and not being able to find a photographer to take the shots he was after, Arthur taught himself photography. Combining this self-taught skill with his Art know-how from College, he set up an advertising agency in London that would specialize in aviation. Focusing all his passions into one place, he was able to take iconic photographs of Concorde and the Red Arrows. He would also go on to win numerous awards and make short films, one of which was about the Red Arrows and was shown at the Smithsonian Institute!

The Next Generation

Arthur's daughter, Jacqueline, grew up around his enthusiasm for photography and with no surprise followed him into the photographic world. Studying photography at Ealing she forged her own path in photography and specialized in food photography and portraiture, even having the honor of photographing Sir Lawrence Olivier!

The Final Frontier

Me, I'm Oliver (Jacqueline's son), I don't have much history behind me but I can say I am a third-generation photographer.

I started out by buying a drone, shortly after that, I took some aerial shots and videos of my local village and posted them on social media. The feedback I received led to exploring photography and videography deeper. It wasn't too long after that I realized the enjoyment of creating something people appreciate. So, I acquired my GVC certificate from the CAA to operate a drone and bought some camera gear. As an homage to my Grandfather, I decided to bring Film Image back to life, but drones and aviation don't mix too well... so Film Image now focuses on everything else. 


What can Film Image do for you?

Aerial Footage

Whether you are looking for a few aerial pictures of your property, video footage of your local football game, or media productions. Film Image can do it all and everything in between, no job too big or too small!

Film Image is insured by CoverDrone up to £5Million in liability and also a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved operator of unmanned aircraft, this means we are licensed to fly drones up to 25KG in weight and with fewer restrictions than many other operators. Our accreditation from the CAA can be found on the CAP1361 document kept by and regularly updated by the CAA for Public information on their website here.


Film Image has the computing power to edit 6K footage with ease. Using the full array of software from Adobe and Cinema 4D, Film Image is able to deliver high-quality edits. With access to the vast library of licensed music from Epidemic Sounds, Film Image can add value to your promotional video for social media, professional presentation, or your website.


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